Three alumni teams of Buildit just recently participated in the coolest pitching event - Oulu Polar Bear Pitch!

 Picture by Jaakko Männistö
Who said that there’s nothing to do, but work during winter in Nordics. How about asking 3 Buildit teams returning from Oulu Polar Bear Pitch! It’s the coolest pitching event ever, literally. Pitching to investor being naked in an ice hole takes guts - the bar for the next batch teams is set

If you want to see a brave Indian stepping on and in ice for the first time (Velmenni), a man on a high heel shoes (Heelosophy) and duet with secretive, yet vivid and entertaining show (Solu), straight from the ice hole, go here!  

By the way, our 3rd batch is kicking off on March 9th with 8 new exciting teams. Stay tuned!