7th batch pitched their products to a full house at our latest demo day.

This spring we joined forces with Startup Wise Guys for a joint demo day to showcase the teams from our latest batches. The demo day took place at Café Sinilind after the Latitude59 conference.

Together with Startup Wise Guys we had 18 teams pitching. DILESY, Challenger Solutions, Smartboad, Móday, Supersolderer, Koalasmart and FRANK were pitching from our 7th batch.

All the teams were also present at the demo area, where they got to showcase their products to the more than 250 guests attending the demo day.

Co-founder and CEO of Supersolderer Andres Ehrenpreis said: "The main goal of Supersolderer got achieved - to find companies and engineers who would be interested in testing the product. There was interest not only from Estonia but also from other European countries. In addition we got a wonderful stage-experience. Thorough preparation certainly paid off!"

 Photos Jake Farra - Photographer.