We are inviting all the startups, investors, wantrepreneurs and hardware enthusiasts to come and cheer for our 10 new hardware startups ready to step out of the closet.

Three months of countless hours, long days, short nights and hard work have resulted in 10 new products ready to be unveiled to the world.
Some of the teams you can meet the last time before they head back and continue their business in India, Palestine, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Russia, Finland or Latvia.

Taking place in the Guiness World Record holding pub and #1 restaurant in Tartu according to the TripAdvisor - The Gunpowder Cellar this will be an event to remember not only for investors and startups but also for future entrepreneurs and tech-lovers. 
Exciting talks, first-time insight in the prototypes and great atmosphere – all you have to do is come! Sign up now (password: CoolHardware)! 
Save the date! Tuesday, December 2nd! Kicking off at 5pm. 

You don't even have to worry about the transportation, as we will have a bus taking you from and to Tallinn (sign up here)