We just graduated our 2nd batch. 11 startups from Estonia, Bulgaria, India, UK, Latvia, Finland, Russia and Palestine showed their prototypes, lot of them for the first time in front of the public. Taking place in the Guinness World Record holding pub some believe that it might have been one of the coolest pre-Christmas start-up parties in Baltics this year. 

Three months of hustling, coding and engineering has brought us new things for a safer, more convenient and fun environment not only in private life but also in business. Get introduced below! 

Heelosophy makes wearing high heels comfortable. They provide users with a precise, easy-to-use sensor that scans the feet, then delivering affordable, customized insoles that reduce the pain caused by high heel shoes. Heelosophy, nominated as Top 20 Startup at Slush, makes painless heels a norm, not an exception.

Difrotec helps optics and microchips manufacturers save hundred thousand euros on quality assurance annually. Their patented measurement tool for checking surface quality of optical parts (lenses, mirrors, etc.) has hundred times higher accuracy than is available on the market. They have already sold several devices bringing to the company close to 1MEUR in revenue.

Hyperion is a real-time 3D scanner based on years of PhD research done by the founders. Applications range from security and healthcare to gesture recognition and manufacturing quality assurance. With operational distance of up to 20 meters and accuracy of down to millimeters, Hyperion outperforms its competitors in precision being more affordable at the same time.

KÖÖK has made a compact electrical peeling machine for home users - it is up to 6 times quicker than manual peeling and has a patent pending technology that peels various size fruits and vegetables with minimal waste. Soon to be Kickstarted!

Velmenni is a new wireless communication technology using visible light to transfer data securely at speeds 10 times faster than WiFi. Their technology brings future a brighter look at internet issues in crowded places like conferences, festivals, airports and so much more.

Touchido led by 2 Cambridge PhD-s in nanotechnology and neuroscience, remains for the time being in the stealth mode.

LiftZee detects user’s presence at the work desk and encourages the person to take regular breaks with subtle yet engaging visual, audio or haptic feedback. “Sitting is the new smoking” and LiftZee comes with a mission making us more conscious about healthy lifestyle and being more productive at the workplace.

Huntloc makes hunt smart by collecting, sharing and managing hunting related information. Huntloc’s mobile app and dog tracking device gives hunters ability to see where people and dogs are moving, thus reducing accidents in hunt. Huntloc has targeted 35 million hunters worldwide and is already being used by many satisfied hunters across the Nordics.

BlindSense is a unique innovative device that enables blind and visually impaired people to use smartphones and tablets using Braille and voice feedback. The small size and affordable price will help blind people to learn and practice Braille and to use their smartphones to solve daily life problems.

Solu, even though flying still under the radar, has already secured a pre-seed round of 6 figures. Stay tuned and prepare to soon see something industry-changing.

Comfee  is the first automated window blinds system with a sleek design and just one-click installation on existing blinds that brings reduced lighting, heating and cooling costs. They have already sold their first trial batch and now targeting American households and offices with millions of blinds.

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