On Monday, August 18th we presented our first Demo Day in Parnu. After more than three months of mentoring sessions, pitching, and hard work, the first five hardware teams have graduated, now making a next generation experiences in navigation, gaming, health, networking and dating.

vumbl (United Kingdom) is an active lifestyle wearable device worn on the neck. Like a sixth sense, vumbl intuitively guides people to where they need to be, monitors body biometric data, tracks sports performance & diet and enables voice control of devices. Considering the growing market for fitness-oriented wearables (predicted to be around 56 million sales by 2017 by CEA), they feel it’s the right time to introduce  vumbl to the world.

The KOLOS (Bulgaria) is the first of its kind table-top iPad gaming wheel, that is created for a more convenient, fun and realistic experience with nearly 500 iOS racing games on iPads. The Kolos team has already been announced to be one of top 50 most exciting lean hardware startups in Europe by Tech.eu. Promising an unforgettable iPad gaming experience very soon, their next stop will be Kickstarter.

Heimdallr (Estonia) tags can be attached to things and people to track them and make sure you never loose them. Tags can interact with each other as well as other smart devices, extending the range with each device and creating a smart network over an area like a park, festival or a city.  Targeted for B2B customers, we are soon going to see these tags in theme parks and festivals.

Mustino (Sweden/Germany) is a smart jewellery device which enables physical communication over distance and lets you hold hands with your loved one – anywhere. This team comes with a solution that may bring long-distance relationships in to a new level, especially knowing that there are more than 40% of colleague couples that are in such relationships.

Heelosophy (Estonia) are making wearing high heel painless. Their product is a seamless, custom-made shoe insole that can make wearing high heels less painful and healthier. With an app and special feet-scanning system for easy use at home, they will make sure that women get customized insoles for each pair of uncomfortable shoes.

See the pictures from Demo Day here

The three months of work show no doubt that Estonia is a great place for startups - Buildit’s alumni prove that:

"Being in Estonia has inherent benefits of keeping us lean as a startup in terms of cost and being able to bring our whole team over to work on a project outside London. Besides that, we came here to build a product, so we required access to machinery, materials, etc. and that´s what Buildit really gives us." – Tom Shrive, vumbl 

"What do we enjoy most about Estonia? Well, not the weather. Networking is incredibly good. Even if the President likes your product, he can recommend it in social media. Angela Merkel would never do that :) " - Mustino team

"Key benefit of being part of the programme turns out to be the high-class mentors which navigate us through difficult decisions and shape our strategy."  - Ivaylo Kalburdzhiev, KOLOS  

What's next?

We are opening the second round in September 15 with even more teams coming in! More info out soon!