Last week we hosted a long time venture capitalist Mr. Martin Hauge.

Last week we had the pleasure of hosting a long time venture capitalist Mr. Martin Hauge in Tartu so he could give advice on business to the teams from our 6th batch. On 8 November he also spoke at the community evening we hosted together with SPARK where the local startups got to hear some insights about the inner workings of a VC fund and tips on how to impress a VC.

According to Mr. Hauge, the most important aspect in new businesses is the team. If you have inspired, focused and qualified team members with good communication between them, everything is possible. Investors can sense the inner communication dynamics of your company and make their investment decisions based on it. The team is everything.

„You have to think about your startup like it is your baby” says Mr. Hauge about building a business.  Your baby is the most important "thing". When pitching to investors you have to make them believe that your company/startup is your baby. The next important aspect is community. Collecting friends is like building a community. Collect friends who think alike. Don’t underestimate social media: collect friends on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other networks. Make a brand out of yourself.

As an investor, Mr. Hauge never invests in the product but rather in the company as a whole, meaning you need to have an amazing team, a great product and a vigorous business plan.

Mr. Hauge is an entrepreneur with over 15 years of operational experience as a CEO and over 25 years of board experience in early stage tech companies. For the past 11 years he was also a VC and general partner in Creandum, one of the most well-known venture capital foundations in Scandinavia, which allocates capital around 500M €.

Although originally from Norway, Mr. Hauge is now based in Stockholm, where he owns and operates an investment company Haflo. He is managing partner in Fluent Digital Capital, an active advisor, coach, board member and chairman, angel investor and is involved in multiple other startups across Scandinavia.