SprayPrinter's co-founder Mihkel reflects on how it all began. 

My name is Mihkel Joala. I'm one of the co-founders of SprayPrinter and the author of the original concept. I and our CEO Richard assembled the team and applied for Buildit Accelerator. Buildit was clearly the launchpad for our success story which took off on November 2, 2015. By that time, we had been in the program for almost 2 months and things were not looking good at all - our zero budget strip was fading fast when it all happened. All the hard work finally paid off when one morning we realized we were world famous. Our idea had gone viral overnight and circled the globe after Gizmodo picked up our story. After that, investors followed, including Buildit, who at first was actually quite skeptical about the project.

Back in September, it had actually been our third time applying for Buildit and for the third time we were denied, even though we had a working proof-of-concept prototype. At this point Buildit just didn’t believe we had the market and didn’t even invite us for an interview. This made sense as we were indeed building something that was so unique that nobody had ever needed anything like it before. We had proof of a working technology but not of a working market. But me and Richard were not going to leave it like that. We felt Buildit was The program for us and after a few days of persuasion, Buildit’s CEO Aleksander replied that we may enter the program without them investing. With one leg in, it was still a start, so we assembled the team and started our journey. Now, 7 months after graduation, we are still working closely with Buildit. We just closed our 2nd seed round and are about to send out the first products to clients.