SprayPrinter is launching its Kickstarter on the 7th of November.

Armed with only an idea, Sprayprinter had a successful Indiegogo campaign back in January  that let them manufacture the first SprayPrinters. The early birds have now received their models and are out there SprayPrinting!

Their Kickstarter product however will come with plenty of improvements: speeding up the printing process, improving the accuracy, and the option for  multiple people to print at the same time.

Here is what you can do to help them succeed:

Kickstarter’s and Facebook’s  algorithms work in a way that they put posts that get more likes and shares quickly in a better position. This is why SprayPrinter has created this Facebook event.

Click “Going” and on 7th of November you will be reminded to share SprayPrinter’s Kickstarter campaign on Facebook so it will spread quickly. If you ever plan a crowdfunding campaign, you could also use this as a case study, so it could be useful to keep your eye on this Kickstarter campaign from very early on.

SprayPrinter is the smart spray paint technology that lets your spray can do the thinking. You can print images on any surface with just a smartphone, some spray paint, and SprayPrinter. It knows where to release the paint making it perfect for creatives at any level.

SprayPrinter in 60 seconds: