Huntloc, Sensition and Solu received a nomination for the BRUNO 2016 Product Design Award, in the Best Engineering Product Design category

Huntloc  is a dog tracker, created for following hunting dogs in the forest using GPS-GSM technology. The application runs on smartphones and the dogs’ location can be viewed on the screen in real time. It’s also possible to call the dog and listen what’s happening in the surroundings, as well as give commands through the device.

Sensition’s  focus measurement device for the camera operator’s first assistant helps to establish a cinematic style and lower the production costs. For the assistant, it is necessary to know the distance of the subject or object of interest at any given moment for correct result. The device gives user readouts of distances and feedback on selected object. This helps to reduce the amount of mistakes on the set, specifically on difficult shots where the object of interest and camera are both in constant movement.

Solu is the world’s smallest general-purpose computer with a revolutionary operating system and an intuitive user interface. Estonian expertise and craftsmanship fitted the technology and performance of a laptop into a palm-size device carved out of wood.

BRUNO is an Estonian design award, that the Estonian Association of Designers is giving out since 2006. The prize got its name from the founder of the design department and the first design prize initiator, professor Bruno Tomberg.
The award is given out in every two years to the best Estonian product creators and for the author of the best design project. The winners will be announced on the 16th of September at the Estonian Design Awards gala .