The sports shooting aid is breaking into the German market.

Sports Technologies company FOCUSD has created TRACE, a gadget designed for shooters to track their training process, analyze the performance and improve their technique.

Since attending Buildit’s programme in spring 2016, their team has increased to 7 specialists, devoted to engineering and business development. They’ve just come back from the German National Shooting Championships, which attracts more than 4000 competitive sports shooters. Several TRACE devices were sold onsite and with Germany being one of their main markets, generated lots of positive feedback.  

TRACE is mounted on a gun and records every finest movement which is imperceptible to the naked eye of a coach or athlete himself. The setup process is as simple as “Mount - Connect - Fire!”: team behind the product features masters of the sport and aims to make the training process completely hassle-free, so that athlete would focus on their performance. Shooting is not only an arms race, but is also a game of psychology - athletes must keep the head cold, a frigid grip and achieve the ultimate concentration while executing the shot.

While being extremely underrated, target shooting boasts pulling 10 billion US dollars out from the pockets of enthusiasts, and that is only in United States!

Based in Riga, Latvia, FOCUSD is known as an active ambassador for the emerging sports technologies market in the Baltic startup scene. They are already boosting the performance of 30+ happy shooting athletes in Germany, Great Britain, USA and other countries all over the world, and are currently looking for seed investment.